Hi! I'm Rachel May

I purchased my first "real" camera when my second daughter was born. It was then that I fell in love with the sound of the shutter clicking and the incredible result of a moment captured.

I shot my very first wedding in 2007 for a slice of wedding cake and a twirl on the dance floor with my handsome hubby. I honestly never really envisioned the place a little passion and shutter click would bring me. But, here we are today, 11 years later - and I'm so grateful. I have the joy and privelege to work with so many amazing couples, their sweet family and friends, and some of the best vendors in the industry. 

My clients describe my approach as fun and laidback with the right amount of direction when needed. They often tell me that they forgot the camera was even present. This is such a wonderful thing for me to hear as my goal is to create an environment that is relaxed and fun, so that my couples can be completely present and enjoying every moment of their day. #momentsmatter!

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My Passions