Rachel May

I fell in love with photography after our first daughter, Kylie, was born. Justin was deployed overseas, so I wanted to document every little thing. I chased after those once-in-a-lifetime moments knowing how much they would mean to him. My passion to document our baby girl, blossomed into a deep love for photography.


Today, I carry that same passion with me, chasing after the once-in-a-lifetime moments I know my clients will treasure. Moments that will take them back, time and time again.


When I'm not behind the lens, I live in fearless pursuit of an abundantly joyful and adventurous life. One, that is albeit not always "fine art" with three kids and a gaggle of ducks running around, but one that is truly meaningful.

FUN FACTS // 1. I am a kid at heart.

2. I LOVE Mexico and all things Mexican especially spicy Margs.

3. I used to race cars, and yes I was good at it.

4. I dance to the beat of my own drum, a bit of a rebel you might say.

5. My dream car is a 1967 Fastback Mustang.


Justin officially joined RMP in 2015 as my full time second photographer. However, he has been an integral part of the journey from the beginning. The car in our branding symbolizes the car that he gave up to make this business venture possible. Without this gesture, RMP would not be where it is today.


His heart and dedication to serving others is inspiring and has taught me much throughout our 16 years of marriage. From 2 deployments (Afghanistan & Iraq,) 3 children, and all the many facets of an adventurous life and incredibly fulfilling career - he has given and continues to give selflessly.


When he is not out on a work-date with me, you can find him in Washington DC working as an electrical engineer.

FUN FACTS // 1. Kid at heart numero dos.

2. A bit of a health nut and super dedicated to the gym.

3. Loves landscaping and spending time outdoors.

4. Cannot sit still, always on the go. TERRIBLE shopping partner. #wheresjustin

5. Dream car is a 2001 Nissan Skyline GTR.

Our Family


Our oldest.


Basketball player aka "Ky-3."



100% middle child.

Mother hen. Little barista.

Passionate violinist.



The baby.

Comedian #2.

Future F1 driver.


Our Favorite Things

Our Kids
Sunset Skies

"I'm passionate in all aspects of my life and business to make sure that I'm present in many facets; present with my family, present with my clients and making sure that people feel like they are important." - Rachel May

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