Rachel May Branding Shoot

The big day is FINALLY here and it’s time to unveil all that I’ve been working on for the past 8 months! It’s crazy to think how long it’s taken for this to come to fruition, but it’s here and it’s even more lovely than I ever could have imagined!!

When I first reached out to Outline about rebranding, I had NO clue where this was going or what it would lead to. I just knew that I wanted something simple & clean. Something that would transcend time and not be easily dated. When they asked me if I had any specific thoughts on a brand mark, I said no. So when I opened up the first round of designs, I burst into tears seeing the car. Looking back on it, it’s strange to have such an integral piece of our story to have played a back seat for so long. (A much longer detailed post coming soon on this!)

From there I reached out to my dear friend Veronica Rogers with the idea of creating a lifestyle brand shoot. One that would not just be another pretty wedding shoot, but one that would really tell our story and share my heart behind the brand. I wanted something that would show how dedicated I am to my family, to the things that matter most. To say she brought it all to life is an understatement. She took everything that my heart held and made it tangible in the most meaningful way. From Justin & I gathered at the kitchen for morning coffee, snuggles on the couch with the kiddos, spending time in the creek with the duckies, family dinner, to a sunset drive – This is truly us. In our most natural form and loving life 100%.

Many thanks to our talented team for bringing this together!!

Art Direction & Styling // Veronica Rogers

Photography // Vicki Grafton

Videography // Josh Gooden

Hair & Makeup // Anna Breeding

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